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Magnetizer - demagnetizer



Surely magnetized tools have helped you many times, the best example is definitely a screwdriver. When you drop the screw in inaccessible location you can easily pick it up with magnetized tip of screwdriver. Even if not magnetized, it is very easily done just by touching the strong permanent magnet. And what to do when this feature bothers you, when you work in a small space, and small bolts and nuts keep sticking to the screwdriver tip? Continue reading and find out how to make simple device that will help you solve both problems.

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Desoldering tool

It is a tool for desoldering (multi leg) electronic components with 3 or more pins. Theory behind this project is fairly simple. Dissolved solder in heated container heats all contacts of  electronic component placed together with PCB on this tool. All you have to do is remove component from PCB with pliers or with tweezers.  So with this device you can easily desolder 25 pin LPT conector from 2 sided PCB.


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