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DIN rail mounting of the Z-Wave module

Until recently Z-Wave modules for mounting on the DIN rail hasn't been available in the home automation. For this reason improvisation was the only solution, you can see one in the following text.

Z-Wave modules are designed for installation in a distribution box behind the switch or a socket. For mounting on the DIN rail, it is necessary to install a module in a case like well known shape of the DIN automatic fuse. You can buy 17.5mm empty cases in better equipped electronic stores like on this link or you can use a case from a device you no longer need. In my case the Schrack timer relay ZR200176 is used like donor.

When you open the case and pull out everything you don't need you will get the box like on the pictures below. 

Schematic diagram for connection is given below the text. Nothing is critical and you can adapt everything to your needs. It is important not to use conductors smaller than 1.5 mm2 or like in my case the relay is wired with 2.5 mm2 because the module is designed for operation with electric water heater.

On the pictures below you can see how the Fibaro relay module FGS211 has been installed in case. On the internet you can find a lot of similar modifications, mine is different because S1 input is wired internally and the switch is mounted on the front side of the case.  This is fail safe measure and enables manual operation of relay in case of automation failure. The antenna is also pulled through the opening on the front of the case.


At the end you can see picture of the finished installation and one problem. The Z-wave module is 1mm thicker than the case and it is necessary to cut open one side to close it. This isn't necessary, the device can work with one side left open but I recommend to close it because of safety reasons.



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